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When I Close My Eyes
I Can See Miles of Headlights
20th-Nov-2008 01:07 pm
b/Buggy Lawl
Watch this.

Here's my response to a couple of comments that were made on it.

Dam this is getting bad. There are still options scientist need to look at to proove if its natural or unnatural or something else. Both sides are wrong until it's proven, but right now the straight way is more on track. A male has the makings to be with a female, and a female has the makings to be with a male. A male doesn't have the makings to be with a male, and a female doesn't have the makings to be with a female. Which should be enough to know being gay is wrong, but it isn't enough.
You want to bring science into this? There's copious amounts of research documenting homosexuality in animals from all reaches of craniate cordates. And when you say "doesn't have the makings", this is only in reference to reproduction, which is a rather poor way to base the validity of a relationship, especially considering how common infertility is now. According to you, then an infertile female also "doesn't have the makings" to be with a male, therefore their relationship is unnatural.
Just cause there is documentation of homosexuality in animals doesnt disprove my theory. My theory is that what ever causes a person to be attracted to the oppisite sex, must be deformed to cause them to be attracted to the same sex. no an infertile female is a female, that is, well to say broken and most likely can be fixed in the future. it sounds like your calling an infertile female not a female. when you have a life partner, so to say you also bring in reproduction or sex.
about the relationship deal love and reproduction or sex work together and love is questionable. Some one could say they love someone and weeks, months, or years later they break up. So how do you define a relationship? you can love someone but they might not love you.
The opinion that homosexuality is a deformity was rejected by the professional psychological community over 30 years ago. If you still want to hold that belief, more power to you. However your refusal to see it as anything else puts a hefty damper on my ability to reason with you.
What if the female is post-menopause, or has a hysterectomy, or something similarly permanent? If the validity of relationships is determined by gender, the only significance of gender is the factor of reproduction, as it's the only significant difference between a gay relationship and a straight one. (Not to mention adoption, in-vitro, and surrogacy, options that significant amounts of straight couples pursue.)

Dear Gay community..You will not bully the media you will not bully the people and certainly will not bully the parents. Prop 8 is and always will be about the children. It's about protecting the children. Kids need a mommy and a daddy. Period. We will also not allow you to teach hmosexual lifestyle in our public schools. The people have spoken now deal with it. Your lifestyle is sinful and shameful. Move to massachusetts if you don't like it!this is not a civil rights issue. It's a moral issue
What is the homosexual lifestyle? How does someone's sexuality determine how they live? I think you're hung up on the stereotypes of who gay people are.
Protecting the children? Give me a break! When 50% of marriages end in divorce? "Kids need a mommy and a daddy. Period." What you're saying is a slap in the face to all single mothers in the world. Think about it.
21st-Nov-2008 03:19 am (UTC)
Thank you!
25th-Nov-2008 02:31 am (UTC)
Much love to you girl!

I love it when a women gets me ;) MWAH
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