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When I Close My Eyes
I Can See Miles of Headlights
Vashj Strat 
13th-Sep-2008 03:30 am
Flist please ignore, just archiving this here.

Tamzin's Vashj video - must watch

Wowwiki link for her basic Phase 1 and 3 abilities

Group Makeup:
2 tanks
4 melee
7 healers (4 must be not priests)
1 aff CoEx lock
1 frost mage
1 ele shaman
9 other ranged

Lock kites it, put mage and shaman on it with 3-4 more ranged. Use netherweave nets to let the lock use searing pain. Keep fear ward on tanks - just in case they get feared by a strider.

Netherweave Net

Holy pally without salv and righteous fury heals a tapping warlock to pull aggro, then the tanks pick it up. Melee are on naga full time, while watching out for cleave.

4 ranged (one at each direction) with a healer each will take sides. Use hunters, destro locks, mages, moonkin, ele shaman. One additional ranged can help out as needed on a long side. In the pic below, there would be one ranged at each "area" except area one, which would have 2 people. As soon as a tainted spawns, the person on the side that it's at calls the direction and ignores all other elementals to kill it. The melee will take care of the elementals that slip. Tainted cores despawn when another tainted elemental is up. It has to be used ASAP or else it will prolong phase 2. NEVER EVER PASS THE TAINTED CORE TO A TANK OR STRIDER KITER! Ability to cure/cleanse poison is a must for healers assigned to those on the dps handling sides (in other words, priests will not be on this assignment).


/use Tainted Core
/ra <------- TAINTED CORE TO: %t ! ! !
/y <------- TAINTED CORE TO: %t ! ! !
/script SendChatMessage("!!! YOU HAVE THE CORE !!!", "WHISPER", nil, UnitName("target"));

Phase 3 Changeover
Grounding totem needs to be up for the MT on the changeover to phase 3. Hold the last core until all adds are under control, and off the MT. After disabling all 4 generators, there should be about 1-2 naga, and no more than 1 strider alive. Kill those adds before we starting dps on Vashj. Main tank must be ready to pickup Vashj after 4 generators.

Phase 3:
If you find yourself rooted + poison cloud on top of you, you will need to use a Free Action Pot to get away from it. Rogues may CloS from Vashj's entangling roots and static discharge. Protip: You may jump away from poison on the ground and dps at the same time. For healers, if you're not healing your party, then go ahead and pre-cast heals on main tank. stay away from poison clouds and heal those getting away from it from your group.

Free Action Pot

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