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When I Close My Eyes
I Can See Miles of Headlights
Misc, Terminus Recap Days 5 + 6 
15th-Aug-2008 01:34 am
- I have signed up for a ton of fests. harry_and_ron FQF (lineart done, need to do something to it), hp_yule_balls, harry_holidays, hd_holidays, and soon snarry_games. O___O

- I will post my pics from Terminus soon, and they will be flocked. If you don't want me to post pics of you in the off chance that I have any, comment or send me an email about it.

- All of my art is at nefyr_art. I posted a fluffy Harry/Ron piece I did at Terminus here.

- This video is ridiculously funny. The internet holds an intervention for Myspace.

Day 5

After staying up until 4:30 am, I slept until 10:30, so I missed out on the morning programming. Somewhat dissapointed that I didn't get to go to the Queer Dumbledore panels.

In the afternoon I went to BDSM Dynamics in Harry Potter Fanfiction. The presenter was dressed as "Kinky Winky", and she had here dom there along with a guitar case full of toys. I know very little about BDSM (aside from pictures of the male/male variety being nice to look at), so it was quite educational. I particularly liked the explaination of how the type of collar signifies the relationship between dom and sub. It's unfortunate that in mainstream media the BDSM community is stereotypically displayed negatively.

The ball was a lot of fun. I felt out of place not having brought anything nice to wear, but I got over that fairly quickly. I kept going back and forth between Annika's friends, the people form the Harry/Ron meetup, and stitchesandlace's crew. So I danced a lot. Some highlights included the Malfoys in their finery, a full costume mermaid, kinky leashed Remus/Padfoot, and some drunk boy dancing on the balcony with no shirt on. My only gripe is that they only played pop music, no real dance music. I was looking forward to remembering how to waltz and salsa. Kaci and Staci had been drinking which resulted in Kaci passing out, so we didn't go to the OotP showing.

Day 6

Between waking up late and packing hysteria I didn't go to the Closing Breakfast. I managed to see a decent amount of people in the lobby to say goodbye to. Kaci, Staci, Annika, and I all hung out in the Irish pub for a bit before I had to go to have lunch with Uncle Mark and Budi. It was sad having to say goodbye, because it was so awesome to finally meet everyone and I had a lot of fun.

My uncle took me to a rather upscale restaurant for lunch. I always feel bad with relatives because it's all the same talk of school, family, etc. At least my Paperdelle with wild boar was good.

When I got back to the hotel, I hung out for a while in the lobby with Staci, supes_, djinn7, aliciamasters, coconut_ice, and reddwarfer. Topics were Snarry, Ron!cock, american politics, Obama, religion, etc.

That night I ordered some nice internet so I could have one day of raiding on WoW. Go figure that they were on Azgalor and I was able to get my T6 gloves. I also was able to get Argyle 1550 arena rating so now I don't feel nearly as bad doing arena with him while I'm on dialup. I also downloaded a ton of torrents while I stil had high speed.
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